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catalogue based retailing & network marketing

The Kleeneze Catalogue is a quality production containing over 140 pages spread over a main book, a Health and Beauty supplement, a Seaonal Specialogue and the Kleeneze Plus. These are packaged in a clear plastic bag and delivered to customers in residential areas by a network of self-employed Independent Kleeneze Distributors.

Some Independent Kleeneze Distributors choose to knock on the customer's door and introduce themselves, while others simply pop the catalogue through the letter box. The Kleeneze Distributor then returns a few days later and collects the catalogue from the customer's doorstep.

The products are then delivered usually within 7-14 days at a time that is convenient to the customer, and at which time customer makes their payment.

Payment for Kleeneze products is accepted either by cash, credit/debit cards or cheques with the cheque guarantee card number on the reverse.

The seasonal Kleeneze specialogues are produced 3 times per year. The first is the January Sale leaflet available from January to March. Then follows the Spring Specialogue which is valid from March to June followed by Summer Offers until September, and finally, the biggest of the lot is the Kleeneze Christmas Specialogue, usually over 60 pages of gifts, toys, Christmas decorations, and items for everyday use.

Recently, Kleeneze offered an interactive catalogue online, from which a customer can peruse the contents and then make a note of items to order before calling their nearest or regular Kleeneze distributor.

NB. How to Order from our Catalogues...

You can only place orders through a Kleeneze Distributor - this site is for you to peruse some of our interactive catalogues in the comfort of your home so you can start choosing your next order when your next catalogue is dropped or to place an order in between drops. There is a facility whilst you are viewing the online book to create a handy shopping list and print it off for future use. Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries or to discuss any product or order

The catalogue based retailing & network marketing Kleeneze Business Opportunity is unique in combining both the power of network marketing and the concept of home catalogue shopping, a method of retail distribution whose popularity is now at an all time high.

So if you are looking for part-time money, a supplementary income or a new full time career, take some time now to check out this Home-based business opportunity. Find out how the Kleeneze catalogue business opportunity can make a difference to the lifestyle of so many people, just like you.

This home-based catalogue retailing & network marketing business opportunity (work from home, rather than work at home) may be for you. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain with this risk-free opportunity.

Kleeneze (Europe) Ltd is a direct selling company which supplies it's products to the customers via independent distributors who retail using the popular Kleeneze catalogue. As a distributor you earn commission on all orders you receive and also have the option of earning additional bonuses through the process of team building, otherwise known as network marketing.

In fact Kleeneze are one of Europe's original network marketing companies and some distributors earn well over £100,000 a year!

catalogue based retailing & network marketing

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