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cleaneze or rather Kleeneze, is a British listed company with an outstanding 80 year track record. It offers individuals and partnerships throughout the UK and Irish Republic, the opportunity to operate a flexible cleaneze home based business without the need for investment capital.

The cleaneze Kleeneze Business Opportunity is unique in combining both the power of network marketing and the concept of home catalogue shopping, a method of retail distribution whose popularity is now at an all time high. There are over 1400 products in 9 categories and many products are hard to find in the jobs. Kleeneze have also recently bought Kitbag Sports Ltd, so the Kleeneze Business Opportunity just gets better.

Whether you are looking for part-time money, a supplementary income or a new full time career, take some time now to check out this Home-based business opportunity. Find out how cleaneze Kleeneze is making the difference to the lifestyle of so many people, just like you.

This cleaneze home business opportunity (work from home, rather than work at home) may be for you. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain with this risk-free opportunity.

cleaneze Kleeneze (Europe) Ltd is a direct selling company which supplies it's products to the customers via independent distributors who retail using the popular cleaneze Kleeneze catalogue. As a distributor you earn commission on all orders you receive and also have the option of earning additional bonuses through the process of team building, otherwise known as network marketing.

In fact cleaneze Kleeneze are one of Europe's original network marketing companies and some distributors earn well over £100,000 a year!


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