Established In Bristol In 1923

catalogue based retailing & network marketing

established in bristol in 1923

Company History

Harry Crook established Kleeneze in Bristol in 1923 where he utilised his acquired brush making knowledge to manufacture twisted-in wire brushes by hand. After only a few months, due to the huge demand for these finely crafted brushes, Kleeneze was able to buy a twisting machine and by 1928, just five years after its inception, Kleeneze was able to proudly boast 200 branches worldwide.

Expansion from the start

After initially starting business as purely brush makers, Kleeneze gradually expanded to include household consumables within its range – beginning with polish. The very first Kleeneze distributors were known as Boosters as they boosted brush sales.

Between 1945 – 1960, Kleeneze began to expand its range to include Talcum Powder, Oatmeal Bathcubes and Chlorophyll Toothpaste. Kleeneze was no longer simply a brush making company; the business was progressing and expanding. During the 1960s Kleeneze agents, as they were now known, were awarded self-employed status.

Between 1970-1980 Network Marketing, a concept unique in the UK, was introduced and, in an attempt to modernise the Kleeneze image, a move was made to step away from traditional brush and polish selling to aerosol and car care products.

Agents become distributors and bring growth

From 1980 onwards the home shopping and direct selling phenomenon took off. Kleeneze was now solely concerned with Network Marketing and the dedication and energy of Kleeneze ‘agents’ built the foundation for today’s Opportunity.

During the 1990s Kleeneze’s successful programme of incentives saw ‘agents’ flocking to the business.

In 1995 Kleeneze re-launched its activities in the Republic of Ireland. Since this time, both Distributor (as agents are now known) numbers and sales figures have grown.

In May 2004, Kleeneze opened its brand new office headquarters and distribution centre in Bristol. The new site is spacious, modern and, with its contemporary offices and new technology, allows the business to thrive and build on its 83 year history.

Kleeneze began its European expansion in 2004, starting with the Netherlands. Thanks to its success there, Kleeneze launched into Germany in May 2006 which is an exciting and historic development, and which coincides with  for the 2006 Football World Cup.

Distributor numbers in the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands are increasing as the business continues to grow and expand.

Kleeneze is a British company with an outstanding 83 year track record. It offers individuals and partnerships throughout the UK and Irish Republic, the opportunity to operate a flexible home based business without the need for investment capital.

The Kleeneze Business Opportunity is unique in combining both the power of network marketing and the concept of home catalogue shopping, a method of retail distribution whose popularity is now at an all time high.

Established in Bristol in 1923.

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