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Do You Have A Local MLM Lead Generation Strategy For Your Team?

by David Ledoux, Founder ILOVEMLM.com

I walked the 2 blocks in the drizzling rain this morning to get my favorite cup of coffee. No, not Starbucks. Tim Hortons. For those of you who aren't hockey fans (or Canadians), Tim Horton was a legendary hockey player who launched an even more legendary chain of coffee shops. It's secretly rumored that they put liquid nicotine in their coffee to get people hooked!

I don't know about that...I know that I get jittery, grumpy and twitchy if I don't get my Timmy fix every morning!

There is a town of 90,000 people in South West Ontario that has 3 Tim Hortons at one major intersection. The drive-throughs of all 3 are jammed every single morning. And it is at this location that a friend of mine does all her prospecting for her mlm business.

She gets up 30 minutes earlier than she did a year ago. She drives to the busy corner, parks, and goes car by car each morning as people sit waiting their turn to order coffee (does Starbucks have any drive throughs?). She taps on their glass, and hands them a prospecting card to promote her deal. She smiles and does 100 cars in under 20 minutes, then goes to her job. She has been doing this for 3 months, 5 days a week. Her consistency and persistence is amazing.

She gets all the leads she can handle, for under $2.70 a lead. All are local, have jobs, and are early morning commuters. She has tapped a gold mine!

The cool thing is she has sponsored 17 people frontline, and has nearly 40 in her group. And they all are working locally, and have a cookie cutter system for creating leads. They all use the same drop cards and flyers. In a year or two I predict she'll be able to leave her job at the car factory if she wants.

I stood in a snowbank every day in February 1988 handing out flyers because I wanted a better life. She does the same for the same reason. Most of our downlines won't do this. They have "too-cool-itis" or "too-lazy-itis" or "scarediosis-nervosa".

How often has a member told you, "I don't know anybody?" Do you have system to get them productive within 24 hours, and turn them into a lead generating machine?

I appreciate you!

David Ledoux has been involved in the network marketing industry for 15 years. He is an author, speaker and million dollar earner. To discover more jealously-guarded secrets of making $100,000.00 or more every year through MLM check out his new book, The Ultimate MLM Blueprint for Massive Success. The book and a FREE MLM Training ezine are available online at ilovemlm.com

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