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Discover The Six Magic Steps To Super Productivity That Every Heavy Hitter Knows And Uses Daily!

by David Ledoux, Founder ILOVEMLM.com

Do you believe that the rich and super-rich know something that you don't when it comes to achievement?

I believe the answer is yes.

I'm not talking about those pasty-faced third generation spoiled rich kids with weird bleeding diseases and a penchant for naughty behavior.

I'm talking about men and woman with average backgrounds but above-average achievement.

I'm referring to the builders, the creators, the organizers, the leaders, and the achievers.

What do they do everyday that the average person either doesn't know or won't do that makes all the difference?

Would it surprise you to know that the difference between super achievement and mediocrity comes down to 5 MINUTES a day? Isn't it incredible that out of a day with 1440 minutes just 5 of them mean eating either prime rib or bologna?

But what is the SECRET to those 5 minutes?

It comes down to Six Steps and 1 Key Factor.

The Six Steps are Simple:

1. Touch Something Once

The super successful don't waste time. When they get an email or a fax or anything across their desk, they touch it once, AND MAKE A DECISION with it. It either gets filed, dumped, or acted on.

What do the masses do? They waste approximately 40 hours PER YEAR re-reading emails without acting on them, re-reading faxes and mail, they have no filing systems and are generally disorganized.

Check your inbox. Is it clogged with emails? Learn to use filters and files and get organized.

2. Make Lists

A successful person knows they only have about 4-5 hours of super productive time in their bodies when the energy is high, creativity is high and concentration is high. The rest of the day is simply shades of grey.

Make a list every day of the 5 most important things that you need to accomplish no matter what each day.

Write them down every morning.

3. Determine Time Lines

Take the list of the Top 5 Things To Do Today, and next to each one write the estimated time to do that task.

Look at planning for interruptions, including the phone. Have set call back times when you can either take calls live or make return calls.

4. Schedule

Take the 5 tasks, and plug them into your personal calendar. Reference files where important resources are stored for that task.

For example, one of my tasks today was to write an article on time management. It was #2 on my list, and I know my creativity is highest before 10 am. I blocked off 45 minutes, and referenced an article in one of my files that I keep on interesting subjects to write about.

5. Strive For Results

Now that you've written it down, DO IT! Will there be interruptions? Possibly. But since you've planned 4-5 hours worth of work in the day, you've got some slack in the line.

The main thing when interrupted is after you deal with the crisis, GET BACK TO THE SCHEDULE.

6. Eliminate Clutter

Ask yourself repeatedly, "Will it hurt me to throw this away?"

The average person has too much clutter in their lives. They waste over 70 hours per year looking for missing staplers, three hole punches, printer paper, etc.

Over 80% of emails filed will never be looked at again. Over 80% of paper in filing cabinets will never be seen again.

Reduce clutter.


Six simple steps will dramatically change your life.

But what about the 1 Key Factor that makes the Six Steps work?

Discipline. That is the secret ingredient in the recipe.

Discipline is the state of mind that means the difference between prime rib and bologna. Between watching life on TV and being there in person. Between a holiday and a vacation. Between renting and owning.

Your discipline is in direct proportion to your DESIRE.

Get excited. It will make your life run a lot smoother!

I appreciate you.

Until next time.

David Ledoux
Founder, ILOVEMLM.com

David Ledoux has been involved in the network marketing industry for 15 years. He is an author, speaker and million dollar earner. To discover more jealously-guarded secrets of making $100,000.00 or more every year through MLM check out his new book, The Ultimate MLM Blueprint for Massive Success. The book and a FREE MLM Training ezine are available online at ilovemlm.com

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