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Top 10 Ways To Fail In Multi-Level Marketing
by David Ledoux, Founder ILOVEMLM.com

Today's micro-essay is a really simple one. Instead of telling you how to be a humongous success, I am going to do the OPPOSITE.

This article may be very valuable to you if you have a growing downline. Once you have a hundred or more partners, it seems like they never listen to their upline. In fact the more successful you become as an upline, the LESS people will listen to you!

So think of this as your secret weapon. When a struggling downline member refuses to heed your sage advice, give him this checklist. He'll naturally do....that's right...the OPPOSITE...and he'll find success.

1. Quit

That's right. Why even try? Quitting is easy.

2. Don't talk to anyone

I heard a lot of big mlmers never talked to a single soul. Luck plays a big factor, right?

3. Never do presentations

Don't you have that magic website that signs them up? In the nineties we had magic videos that did all the work. Hard work is for wimps.

4. Never follow up

Follow-up is for suckers. If they aren't smart enough to sign up today from the magic website, who needs them, right?

5. Don't use the company products

I sell vitamins, I don't actually TAKE vitamins. Those things give you weird side effects like more energy... who needs that?

6. Have a lousy attitude

Shut up and sell something! Does it smell funny in here?

7. Complain to anyone that will listen

Listen, it's not fair. I got in late and all the good prospects were already taken. Maybe if we start our own deal we can be at the top?

8. Try to fix the company mistakes

Hello, President? Listen, I can help. Your company plan sucks, you have too much Vitamin K in your product, and frankly, your hair style is way out of date. Grab a pen, I'm just getting started.

9. Juggle multiple programs

What day is it? Monday I do VOIP, Tuesday is Jungle Juice, Wednesday is for my gold coin deal, Thursday is for my ephedra-free diet jellybeans, and Friday is date night. Weekends are for my offshore buyers club. So what looks good to you?

10. Love them and leave them

Here's your kit, good luck. Law of the jungle you know? Survival of the fittest. Why would I help you if I can go get a new sucker, er, I mean prospect.

WARNING! Adherence to any of the 10 points can cause Disappearing Downline Disease. Side effects include small or non-existent bonus checks, staring at the wall for long periods of time, and hours and hours of surfing the Internet without achieving anything!

You can do this. I believe in you!

David Ledoux has been involved in the network marketing industry for 15 years. He is an author, speaker and million dollar earner. To discover more jealously-guarded secrets of making $100,000.00 or more every year through MLM check out his new book, The Ultimate MLM Blueprint for Massive Success. The book and a FREE MLM Training ezine are available online at ilovemlm.com

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