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Here are just a few testimonials from Kleeneze People in Business. These are regular people who had regular lives - until they joined Kleeneze. This is a genuine "People Business". Kleeneze is considered an MLM Success story because of the high number of people being able to earn and actually earning more, compared to most other network marketing companies. The People featured below are earning real incomes from Kleeneze.

Alan & Barbara Peachey of the BigBucksGroupAlan & Barbara Peachey - "Our network marketing career began when we lived in London. Alan was working as a bus driver and I was working as a secretary and we had two young daughters, not enough money, and no time to spend with each other. During the first ten years we joined numerous companies, lost lots of money, but gained a lot of experience, and then eleven years ago we found Kleeneze and we have never looked back."
"We were earning over 3,000 per month after our first year in the business and now have the kind of lifestyle most people only ever dream about. We have no boss, a good income and we can do what we like, when we like. Who could ask for more!"

Paul Flintoft Paul Flintoft - "Although I started my business late in the summer of 2001 while I was at university, to subsidise my studies, I always knew that this business was going to be long term. I liked being my own boss, working the hours I chose and liaising closely with like minded people. If you work hard, the rewards are there both financially and personally and I am now earning enough money to help pay off my student debts and to start saving up for my own home."

Jaspal and Tina DhaniJaspal and Tina Dhani - " Having failed in two network marketing enterprises, I joined Kleeneze with some hesitation in February 2002. As a full time wheelchair user, I was unsure about delivering and collecting catalogues. So I decided to initially show the catalogues to my family and friends and managed to recoup my investment in the first month. I suppose when the dream is big enough the facts don't matter!"

"I achieved the GOLD distributor level in less than nine months - this is the first major level in Kleeneze. My business currently turns over in excess of 10,000 every four weeks. The support and training is second to none."
"I currently work full time and my wife Tina is a full time mother. I am now looking forward to giving my family the best part of my day rather then giving it to my employer."

More Kleeneze Success Stories to follow

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